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Most Popular Topics

  1. Where are the build instructions for the Batmobile?
  2. How do I change the language spoken in the game?
  3. I have built the gateway but was not prompted to build the Batmobile.
  4. How do I download the content update if I’ve already skipped it?
  5. How to reprogram your LEGO® Vehicle or Accessory Toy Tag
  6. I am encountering a technical problem when playing LEGO® Dimensions.
  7. What happens if I don’t install the recommended updates on my console?
  8. My LEGO® Toy Pad isn’t working.
  9. Where are the build instructions for expansion pack vehicles and gadgets?
  10. How to download DLC content for expansion packs for Wave 6 and forward
  11. How do I access the Adventure Worlds?
  12. I don’t have enough hard drive space to install the LEGO® DIMENSIONS updates. How do I get more space?
  13. What are Keystones and how do they work?
  14. How can I make my LEGO® Toy Tags work best?
  15. How do vehicle and gadget upgrades and Toy Tags work?
  16. My Toy Pad is flashing but I can’t progress in the game.
  17. How do I change my game language to play in Spanish EU or Italian?
  18. I receive an error when downloading the content update.
  19. How much hard drive space do I need to play LEGO® Dimensions?
  20. How do I replace missing bricks?
  21. How do I report a bug?
  22. I do not have enough hard drive space on my Wii U console to download the new content update file.
  23. My character is stuck in the game and I can’t move them.
  24. My character’s special ability doesn’t work.
  25. How do you complete the Hacking mini-game?
  26. Who can I ask for help with gameplay?
  27. How to start the Spy Hunter classic arcade game
  28. How can I play the classic arcade games in the Midway Arcade Adventure World?
  29. I can’t complete Wyldstyle’s Wall Jump in the Back to the Future story level (Once Upon a Time Machine in the West)
  30. What classic Midway Arcade games do I need to complete to advance in the Retro Wreckage level?

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