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What are Keystones and how do they work?

There are five different Keystones that players will find and use throughout the game. Each Keystone powers a unique ability that uses the LEGO® Toy Pad:

•    Shift – Players must physically move the corresponding LEGO® minifigure to the correctly colored light section that will enable them to transport the character in game to the vortex of their choice. 
•    Scale – Players can shrink LEGO® characters down to micro-size or up to mega-size by physically placing the LEGO® minifigure on a specific colored section of the LEGO® Toy Pad. By scaling the character in this manner, the player will be able to access new areas and complete puzzles placed around the level. 
•    Chroma – Around the level, the player will discover Chroma hotspots of different colors. A character that enters one of these hotspots in game will become imbued with a color “aura” from it. Transfer the color “aura” to a section of the LEGO® Toy Pad by physically moving the LEGO® minifigure. Creating the correct color pattern on the LEGO® Toy Pad will unlock a new area of gameplay and allow the player to pass through.
•    Elemental – Gives the player Fire, Ice, Earth (nature), and Lightning properties. Activating an Elemental keystone will change the colors on the Toy Pad allowing characters to use elements in game based on the correct placement of physical LEGO® minifigures on the Toy Pad.
•    Locate – The LEGO® Toy Pad will change color based on whether they are moving toward the vortex or away from it. Red indicates the character is moving away from the vortex, Green indicates the player is moving toward the vortex. The player will know they’ve discovered the invisible vortex when a button prompt appears above their character’s head. The player will follow the button prompt to open the vortex. 

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What are Keystones and how do they work?
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What are Keystones and how do they work?

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